It's done! …On to the next.

I cut my fabric for the messenger bags off the loom last night. It’s so pretty!! I was on Weavezine yesterday and read Ruth Temple’s “Best Weaving Tip” she said to fall in love with the project from the very beginning of designing it.

Before this project, I’m not sure I’ve ever done that. Definitely not since I’ve been weaving at home. I enjoyed designing the scarf project for school but I don’t think it was so much because I LOVED the project. It was more the excitement of ordering yarns, learning about weaving software and the fact that it was my final. Don’t get me wrong, I love each one of the four scarves I wove and I’m so glad that I was able to give them as gifts but again, I don’t think I LOVED that project.

Alright, let’s be fair. Before this I LOVED my painted warp in Intro to Fibers. šŸ™‚ I didn’t so much love weaving at the time, but I loved the colors, the idea that it was based on the beautiful colors of Creation. But other than that!! Ha ha ha.

Anyway, I do truly love this project with all my heart. Normally when I get towards the end of weaving up something I get anxious and in a hurry to cut it off because I just want to be done. But this project I wanted to get as much fabric as I possibly could out of it. I’ve zig-zag stitched it and it’s all ready to be washed, ironed, cut apart and sewn into lovely bags. I’m still not sure what type of bag I want to make. I keep looking at books and patterns and so on but I can’t seem to find anything that seems good enough for this lovely fabric.
Why oh WHY don’t I have a camera so I can take pictures of it?! šŸ˜¦ I need to invest in a digital camera besides my phone. Even if it’s just a little point and shoot! That will work for now. Ugh…I have a not-so-good one, but I don’t know where the cord for it is so I can’t plug it into the computer. That pretty much makes it worthless. šŸ˜„

Anyway, enough depressing thoughts of poverty and longing. I’m thinking about weaving “Dune” scarves for my next project. *lol* What a perfect combination of nerdiness. Sci-Fi and weaving. Beautiful. If you don’t know, Dune is a wonderful Sci-Fi novel that is extremely phisophical and thoughtful. The book takes place on a desert planet where a certain spice is mined. Exposure to the spice eventually turns one’s eyes completely blue with no whites. This is all to say that I plan on taking the two colors, a lovely sand color (called Scarab. Very fitting) and a navy blue (although the eyes, in my imagination, are more of a royal blue). I plan on attempting a Log Cabin weave for the first time. Shouldn’t be too bad. It’s a very simple color-and-weave effect.

I’ve also decided that I want to start weaving 3 of things at a time. It seems like a good number. Especially with Fall Fun Fest coming up. This way, I can keep one of whatever it is for myself and then have two to sell. Seems fair. I don’t want to just weave things to sell! How boring! I love handwoven things far too much to just let other people have the fun of wearing it!

I also want to attempt a canvas weave shawl. Canvas weave….Ohhhhhh….The last time I wove canvas weave was last fall, and it was the absolute worst experience I’ve had in weaving. It was worse than even the beginning where nothing makes sense and all your yarn is getting tangled and looks awful.
We wove the sampler and scarf with linen and it was terrible the entire time. Winding off the warp, dressing the loom, weaving the whole thing. Part of the weaving was the linen itself and the other part was canvas. I simply could not wrap my brain around block theory. And also, I don’t think my teacher actually used the term block…If she did, it was one of the moments where I phased out and didn’t hear it. It makes MUCH more sense now and I love the way it looks but I haven’t been brave enough to try it again. I’m not sure I’ll ever really want to weave with linen again…I didn’t like it. You have to be SO careful with it. Don’t stretch it, loose tension, and it flakes everywhere. Ick. No love for it. Perhaps as weft for towels. But that’s about it… Anyway, I shall begin planning my next project. And you can be sure it will use two shuttles. šŸ™‚



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