Two boat shuttles = Heaven

I had forgotten that I really love weaving with two shuttles. It makes getting clean selvedges a lot easier for me. It’s almost like you tie them in a knot when you have to wrap them around the previous weft shot. I think it makes them look cleaner and it makes it easier for me to be consistent. It took me a little while to remember how to weave with two shuttles but it’s like riding a bike. You remember once you get going with it. I guess it’s slower to weave with two shuttles, but I don’t mind. 🙂

I’m also discovering that I don’t enjoy weaving like a speedster. I prefer a middle ground between super fast and pretty slow. I’m also trying to remind myself that it’s okay to go slow. I’m not a production weaver and I’m not doing this to make money. I’m doing it because I love it and I’m drawn to it. I love yarn and color and texture. I love the beautiful shape of boat shuttles and weaving with them is like a dream. My teacher started us all off using stick shuttles to make sure we went slow. Coming from that makes me LOVE boat shuttles. 🙂

Yet another thing I remembered while weaving my current project is how much I love cotton. It doesn’t have the same wonderful drape as other yarns but it’s SO STRONG!! You can pull and tug all you want but it’s very difficult to break. I did break one warp yarn while winding on, but it got caught in a knot with one next to it and I didn’t notice it until after it broke. It’s a quick easy fix though.

It’s been a happy day. I’m about halfway done with the fabric for the first bag. I’m thinkin’ I may switch up the colors on the other two. Yay! What fun. I’m excited to get to experiment and play around.


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