Continuing on with Courage

I’m almost done winding warp for my next project. I’m extremely excited about it. The colors are WONDERFUL! πŸ™‚ I’m weaving yardage for either messenger bags like the one I made in my intro to fibers class or some other purse/bag variant. The colors I’m using are a lovely deep red (not maroon!) daffodil yellow, a bright pink (Basically hot pink) and a deep pumpkin orange. I shall be striping it like so: red, yellow, pink, orange, yellow pink and each stripe is one end. It should blend together to make a lovely color. I’m very excited. These are not my typical colors. I’m a big fan of cool colors. Greens, blues, browns etc. I love red, orange and yellow and I hate pink. But the color combination speaks to my soul so I’m goin’ with it.

The inspiration for this was sort of odd. I was winding off orange warp for another project and my guide string was a lovely dark pink/fuchsia (The only pink I can almost tolerate). As I was winding off the warp I started thinking about how much I liked the pink guide string next to the orange warp.
I have recently discovered that I like color schemes that have more than two colors. Four color schemes make my heart sing. *lol* yes, I’m a nerd. But at least I’m a happy nerd. πŸ™‚ I suppose this is actually going to be a five color scheme because I’m using a different shade of pink for the weft. I shall try to take pictures of it when I’m done and post them on here. I really need a camera… 😦


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