Variegated Scarf

I’m currently working on a green, yellow, white, and khaki variegated scarf…shawl…it’s 12 inches wide…*lol*. What do you expect? I had to use the beautiful yarn that I was experimenting with in a project. I just hope I have enough to weave the length I want…another problem: I might not want to sell it…
I would be weaving at this very moment, but I have a broken selvage and I’m not sure what to do with it…Also I’ve been working non-stop since about 10:30am. (It is now almost 3pm!) I made good time, but my back needs a bit of a break. I’m also a bit concerned that the tension isn’t quite even across the piece…It’s pretty darn close. I’m weaving with a pretty thick header yarn for how thin my yarn is and how loose the sett is. Details of this project can be found at I think I called the project variegated scarf. šŸ™‚


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