Sigh -May 27

Still. Not. Weaving. :(I’m still trying to put together these stupid cloth aprons. The first set I made were too stretchy because they weren’t made of canvas. (trying to be cheap+use what I have=total failure…haaaa) anyway, I bought canvas for the aprons, making sure I would have enough width, I bought 60″ wide fabric (I only needed it to be 50″ wide) That worked well. Ben helped me nail them onto the beams this time so they didn’t roll on backwards and lose another inch or two of length (Yeah, the last ones were backwards….UGH!) Now that all that was done I thought, “I’m so close! I just have to cut the slits in the aprons!” Wrong. It turns out, (I knew, but forgot) that you actually need two rods per apron or else you can’t tie onto it. Another trip to Lowe’s. Hopefully sometime this week I’ll be able to finish dressing the loom so I can FINALLY WEAVE!! Ick. I’m at the point where I almost doing want to weave the sampler I have on there because it’s taking me so long to just get set up. But I know it’ll be good for me and that I’ll learn a lot. On a happier note, I’ve been thinking more about projects etc. and I would really like to paint a warp of tencel. Honestly, I would like to paint enough to make a throw blanket out of. Maybe not my next project, but I would like to do that sometime this summer. I plan on weaving towels for my kitchen next. (Since I have none and have some 8/2 cotton that will make lovely towels.) I’m trying to stay positive and remind myself that it’s just exciting that I even HAVE a loom and the ability to weave at home. Still…a studio would be the most amazing thing ever. I can’t wait.


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