No more problems

My most recent project was some yardage for…something…It was really more to just get used to my loom. I decided that weaving an overshot sampler using a fiber I’d never used before might not have been the best idea on a brand new loom that I’d never used before. Everything was completely unknown.
So I stepped back a little and wove a simple, plain weave plaid to get used to dressing the loom, and how the whole thing works. I experimented with using a reed sequence that would give me a different Sett than 15 or 30 on my 15 dent reed.
This yielded double the width I had calculated and very thin fabric. I wanted something that I could cut up and sew into something…(Not sure what yet…Maybe it will just be a table runner…) Thin fabric wasn’t was I had planned. I cut the 4 inches that I had woven off and pulled all the yarns out of the reed, re-dented and re-tied.

Now, the important factor here is that I had the “wonderful” idea of using two different sizes of yarn in the warp. This wouldn’t be a problem if they were spaced evenly and regularly. I had large stripes. One color was one size, the other color was another size…Beginner’s mistake…I’m still learning. But I’m discovering that trial and error is part of learning to weave.

My instructor at school is always telling us that weavers are very resourceful. Reminding myself of this gave me confidence and helped calm my frustration long enough to think about how to fix the problem. I was using 3/2 and 5/2 perle cotton. After looking at the yarns for a few moments next to each other I decided the best thing to do would be to set them at different EPI. I set the 5/2 at 30 (Double dented) and the 3/2 at 15 (Single dented). The 3/2 cotton was almost twice the size as the 5/2 so it ended up working out well. I triple dented the selvege on 5/2 and double dented the selvege on the 3/2 and that also helped fix the problems that I was having with my selveges before.

Once I had taken the time to fix all of these problems, the yardage wove up very quickly. It only took a few hours. I have one weaving mistake, but I’m not concerned about it. I’ll just have to be more careful next time.


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