Finally Weaving!! -June 2

I’m finally weaving!! Yay!! I’m learning more about my loom each day, which, is good, but frustrating because the whole “learning” thing implies that something has, again, gone wrong. The people over at Macomber did not have the weaver in mind when they designed the tie up system. My tie up rods, (can’t think of a different word…hmmm…) have been consistently falling off the treadles as I go through my treadling sequence. It’s about every….4 inches? So I’ve been crawling back under my loom every 4 inches or so to redo the tie up. Here’s where they weren’t thinking of the weaver. I have to remove the foot rest in order to be able to get to where I can even see what rod has fallen off of what treadle or what lamm. Usually in this process I whack my head on either the breast beam or the cloth beam because there really isn’t enough space to see what you’re doing when changing the tie up. Also, my loom didn’t come with enough tie up rods to even put two on each treadle in the first place. Being a weaver often causes one to become resourceful (Or so Jeanne always reminds us) so I used some of the string from the old apron system to tie up the treadles the way I needed them. That works pretty well, but eventually I would like to have enough rods to use more than two per treadle. Oh well. That’s more money that I don’t have right now and the string is free. My favorite price!Anyway, I can’t remember if I said this or not, but I am currently weaving an overshot sampler. To me overshot kind of seemed like an impenetrable fortress, but once I got threading, it wasn’t so bad. I thought, “I can do this!” Well…once I FINALLY got to the actual weaving part, I discovered that I might just not be cut out for it. (Or perhaps I chose complicated treadling sequences…or both) After much frustration and some tears, I calmed down and decided to just weave using a twill treadling pattern. It looks wonderful! It’s far less confusing trying to remember where I am in the sequence and what tabby shot I just used. I was beginning to forget what it was about weaving that I enjoyed in the first place but stepping back down to something slightly easier reminded me why I really do love weaving. I did like a few of the overshot treadling sequences that I tried, but some of them had 40 tromps for one sequence. NOT including tabby shots. I feel like that’s a bit extreme. So now I’m treadling a lovely twill and the threading patterns show up much better than with the overshot treadling. I was close to just calling the whole thing a complete failure but I’m glad that I stuck with it. I’m planning on weaving the rest of the warp with a consistent pattern and cutting the different threading sections apart to use them as bag/purse handles for later projects. Oh and possibly a guitar strap for my guitar.


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