A loom! AAAAH!!!

Saturday, May 4, was a very exciting day. Mom and I drove to Kentucky to buy a loom for me! I have only been looking for a month or two but most of what I was finding was in the New England area and the sellers would not ship. Also, I hadn’t been able to find one that was big enough or had the right number of harnesses and treadles and everything. Anyway, I found a Macomber 48″ (ww) with 4 harnesses/6 treadles (which can hold up to 8 or 10 harnesss and 8 treadles) for $450 bucks. For those of you who don’t know, this loom is around $3,000 dollars new! Normally you can’t find them for less than about $1,200. So this was a screaming deal. We drove to Kentucky, (it was a little over 4 hours) to look at the loom/ pick it up. When we got there I was a little concerned because the loom had been kept in a barn for 2 months and has a little bit of rust on the harnesses where the heddles slide. So I asked the man if he was willing to go down to $400 because of the rust. He agreed!
It took us about 2 hours to actually get the thing into the van because we had to disasemble it to make it fit through the back gate. I’m pretty sure the man did not know how much the loom was worth…The rust is really not that bad. It can easily be removed with steel wool. Otherwise the loom is in WONDERFUL condition.
The laquer is still on the wood and the harnesses still have the paint on them. It’s lovely. Needs a little cleaning, but after that, it will be wonderful!!I’m SO excited! I plan on building up an invantory this summer and possibly trying to sell my work at the Fall Fun Fest in Cookeville in September. Now I just have to find room for it in our tiny apartment…hmmm….


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